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Words From The Founder Of Institute

Words From The Founder Of Institute

Hazrat Moulana Abdul Waheed

It has always been my desire to work on the common citizens to attract them towards Islamic education -and I made every possible effort to do so). Generally, the number of students studying in seminaries who come from remote areas of the country the number of local urban students due to environmental differences and negative propaganda about seminaries, most of the people are reluctant to send their children to seminaries.

Therefore, there was indeed a big need to establish an institution where the best environment could be provided to the children. So, people would feel free to send their children to Madarsaas to study the teachings of Quran and theology. After completing my graduation, I started trying to set up such an institute. Finally, after a thorough job of consultation with my elders, I founded Maarif-ul-Qur’an in impoverishment on 23rd April 1992. Indeed, Allah was my only hope during this process.

I offer thanks to Allah who always blessed me beyond my expectations. It has been 28 years that the institution has risen gradually in all its fields. So far, 6000 students have learned the Holy Qur’an by heart. Also, they set an excellent record in the field of modern education and Dars-e-Nizami.

After reviewing our performances, the president of Wifaq-ul-Madaris-ul-Arabia, Pakistan Sheikh-ul-Hadees Hazrat Maulana Saleemullah Khan Sahab said: “The way Maarif-ul-Quran works is not only appreciable but also imitative”. I am grateful to my teachers, elders, and helpers, with the blessings of their prayers and co-operation, Allah has blessed Maarif-ul-Qur’an with great progress and a huge success. May Allah accept our untiring efforts and reward us according to his glory.

Aims and Objectives

The management of Maarif-ul-Qur’an, after consulting their elders has given first priority to the following aims and objectives:

To arrange an authentic and high quality education of Qaida, Nazra and Hifz.
Establishment of Maktib-e-Qur’ania to spread the light of the Quran in rural & primitive areas.
To make a pleasant blend of Islamic and modern education, taking good care of the boundaries made by Sharia.
To provide modern education in a perfect Islamic environment.
To arrange a quality education of Dars-e-Nizami for all genders.
To make arrangements for publishing authentic Islamic beliefs amongst commoners.
To conclude illiteracy, heresy, bosh and faithlessness with commoners.
To disseminate Islamic knowledge amongst Muslims and encourage them to enrich Islamic education, values and teachings among their children.

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