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Project for Makatib-E-Qur’ania


“Colective effort to spread the knowledge of the Quran”

Of course, in today’s age of tribulation, it is very important to spread religious knowledge, especially the teaching of Quran to common people. This project of ‘Makatib-e-Qarania’ was started in 2004. Despite difficult conditions and lack of resources, today in 2020 we established 150 Makatib-e-Qarania, where we provide authentic knowledge of Islam continuously. Around 3000 students studying there, so far 1000 students have been blessed with the completion of memorization of the Quran, and a number of students (girls) have completed their Nazra education. The patrons of different religious institutes in Pakistan admire our work and wish to establish such Makatib-e-Qurania in their areas.

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